Technical Consultant

Amy Moyer   


I'm a passionate technologist driven by connecting users to meaningful and innovative technology solutions.

My career has a broad foundation from my roots as a website developer through to agile product owner roles. I have professional experience in Fortune 500 marketing, mobile app development, pharma marketing, scrum mastering, SASS product development, enterprise wide CRM deployment, business analyst, and technical team leadership. I'm in a unique position to be able to shapeshift into whatever a team needs at the time. I wear many hats and fill in the gaps so that teams can smoothly create the best products. 

My passion for connecting people to technology extends into my personal life too. I enjoy teaching women about web and software development with Girl Develop IT Cincinnati. I also dedicate some time yearly to judging robotic competitions for the FIRST Lego League.

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Areas of Expertise


  • Content Management System (CMS) Set Up
  • Building Websites
  • New Technology Brainstorming
  • Technical Documentation
  • Needs Assessment 

Connecting the dots

  • Seamlessly Connect All Your Apps
  • Translating Between Technical and Business Teams
  • Collecting and Organizing Requirements
  • Technical Liaison in Cross Functional Teams


  • Product Owner
  • Backlog Management
  • Project Scoping 
  • Project Estimation
  • Creative Problem Solving


  • Scrum Master and Servant Leader
  • Client Facing
  • Development Team Lead
  • Coaching New Technical Team Members

How Can I Help?

Let's chat about that project you've had sitting on your back burner! Or maybe your project is on fire on the front burner! I'd love to jump in and help you and your team!

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